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Cover Solutions

We engineer conveyor belts that meet the most stringent requirements

To ensure optimum performance and life expectancy of your conveyor belt, we recommend that you incorporate a special cover. Not only will your belt and the transported material be protected against environmental and weather conditions, you will also be able to prevent damage to your installation.

Semperit has developed a complete range of covers specifically adapted to your conveying application. These cover grades guarantee an extended service life and higher productivity in your conveying operations.

Anti-abrasive cover - Transdura

The anti-abrasive and cut & gouge resistant cover: the long life solution for both steel cord and textile conveyor belts

Flame retardant cover - Transflam

The flame retardant cover range for uncompromising safety in underground applications, power generation and tunnelling

Oil resistant cover - Transoil

Our belt protection against chemicals, grease, vegetable and mineral oils or fats

Heat resistant cover - Transtherm

The cover for high temperatures ensuring the longest belt life

Energy saving cover - TransEvo

The cover grade which saves up to 25% energy and reduces operating costs

Cold resistant cover - Transcold

The cover grade beating the cold to ensure belt flexibility even at the lowest temperatures down to -50°C

Our Application Engineering team will guide you to the best solution

We are here to help you find the belt best suited to bring the most value to your conveying installation today!


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