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Energy saving cover - TransEvo

The cover grade which saves up to 25% energy and reduces operating costs.

TransEvo covers are based on a special rubber compound which significantly reduces rolling resistance due to indentation losses while the belt is running over the idlers. TransEvo achieves energy savings of up to 25% compared to conventional conveyor belts, proven by both external testing facilities and field tests at several installations at Semperit customers' sites.

Characteristics for existing installations with standard belts when compared to TransEvo:

  • Reduced energy consumption and thus lower operating costs
  • Depending on the installation, reduction of belt strength is possible in the design phase, due to lower tension forces in the belt and thus lower belt costs

Product Details


Benefits of new installations with TransEvo:

  • Reduced energy costs and thus lower operating costs
  • Reduction of conveyor drive nominal power due to lower indentation rolling resistance
  • Lower belt forces require a lower nominal strength and thus lighter belt constructions and thinner carcasses along with higher splice efficiency
  • Thinner carcasses lead to reduced pulley diameters and therefore smaller gear boxes and drives
  • As a result, TransEvo belting allows significant savings in both operational as well as capital cost of a conveyor belt installation
  • Also the overall operational and capital costs for the whole conveyor solution can be significantly reduced

TransEvo covers focus on decreasing the indentation rolling resistance which comprises the biggest share of total energy consumption in a conveyor installation. The result is a reduction of total required energy and costs without compromising on the belt service life.

Technical Details

The TransEvo range has been extended from the initial application in open-pit lignite mines to applications with sharp, lumpy and abrasive materials as well as to underground tunnel applications. In addition to its power reducing ability, TransEvo-X matches the X-Cover of DIN 22131 (ISO 15236 “H” also possible) while the TransEvo-V fulfils EN 14973 and EN 12881.


  • Overland conveyors
  • Open-pit and underground mining
  • Lignite and hard rock mining
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