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Our ambition is to be a trusted partner for our customers

We provide solutions for the most demanding applications in the mining, cement and steel industries, as well as many others. From standard products such as textile belts to highest breaking strength steel cord belts, Semperit ensures safe, high-quality and highly efficient conveying even under extreme conditions.


Semperit has been able to acquire great experience concerning coal, copper and iron ore mining, as well as other fields of mineral resource extraction. 

Heavy industries

Semperit has long nurtured a close relationship with steel manufacturers, providing them with conveyor belt technology that ensures reliable material transport.

General Industries

Semperit operates in many different areas of applications for bulk conveying and offers both steel cord and textile conveyor belts.

Wide range of industries

At Semperit, it is paramount that we understand the ins and out of your industry, what your needs are and how we can meet your expectations. Our 50 years of experience in conveyor belt technology have already brought us acute knowledge about what our customers around the world expect from us. But we pride ourselves in constantly going the extra mile to be up-to-date with the drivers that are critical to your success.

We supply tailored conveyor belts to a wide range of industries which require both high-performance and economical transport of raw materials and other goods.

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