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Anti-abrasive cover - Transdura

The anti-abrasive and cut & gouge resistant cover: the long life solution for both steel cord and textile conveyor belts.

Everything is about wear and tear when conveyed materials do not involve chemicals, extreme temperatures or fire hazards. Transdura, the Sempertrans anti-abrasive covers are the best choice for superior wear and tear as well as cut & gouge resistance.

Transdura covers do more than just fulfil local and international standards. They also set benchmarks in the industry. No matter which application is required, Sempertrans offers the optimal cover meeting wear and tear requirements for every type of material without losing focus on the need to be economical and the total cost of ownership.

Product Details


Transdura covers ensure an extended service life and higher productivity in your operations.

Technical Details

Sempertrans has developed a complete range of specifically adapted covers. These cover grades exceed standards for the most part, ensuring an extended service life and higher productivity in customer operations.

Some of our top anti-abrasive special covers include:

  • X+ – Exceeding standards
    Customers who are satisfied with our X cover grade will be excited about X+ which outperforms the standard values according to DIN X. Made especially for hard rock mining and heavy duty installations, this compound ensures extra service life and protection for your belts.
  • D50 – The hard rock cover
    Especially designed for the specific requirements of hard rock mining. It is the perfect fit for highly abrasive ores. It provides high cut & gouge resistance with a very low abrasion, maximising the lifetime of your belts
  • D30 – The iron cover
    Semperits' newly developed cover with rock bottom abrasion values has been especially designed for the transportation of small sized, but highly abrasive materials such as iron ore.


  • Aggregates
  • Open-pit mining
  • Lignite and hard rock mining
  • Cement industry
  • Mineral processing plants


  • Overland conveyors
  • Port operations
  • Power and heating plants
  • Salt industry
  • Steel industry
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