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The engineered solution to protect the transported material and the environment

Key Features

Transpipe is a tailor-made engineered solution which allows enclosed material transport.

  • Transpipe belt loaded like a regular conveyor belt, then formed into a pipe shape along the conveying route
  • Multiple loading and unloading sections possible
  • Return strand shaped like a pipe to avoid spillage in the return strand
  • Long-lasting rigidity thanks to a special carcass construction especially adapted to each individual application individually in order to optimise power consumption and belt stability
  • Optimised cover grades included and developed to provide superior resistance to ozone

Product Details


  • Reduction of maintenance and cleaning costs due to avoiding spillage and loss of material along the conveyor
  • Protection of the conveyed material from external influences like dust, rain or wind 
  • Protection of the environment from pollution by the conveyed material

Technical Details

  • A Transpipe belt can be guided through tight horizontal and vertical curves as it is supported by a set of 6 idlers. This results in the reduction of transfer points and an improved adaption to the existing topology of terrain or existing factory buildings
  • Higher inclination angles can be achieved as the inner side of the Transpipe offers more contact surface to the conveyed material compared to a regular conveyor belt
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