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General Industries

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of conveyor belts, Semperit operates in many different areas of applications for bulk conveying such as ports, thermal power plants, fertilisers, foundries and glassworks, quarries and sandpits, etc.




The multi-purpose textile belt for general to highly demanding applications



The Semperit steel cord belt with the highest strength and longest service life


Outstanding impact and cutting resistance: a unique and unrivalled steel carcass construction



The special metal belt with a unique steel carcass construction for enhanced impact and tar resistance



The unique self-centering troubleshooter to prevent mistracking


The engineered solution to protect the transported material and the environment



The unbeaten reference in terms of impact protection



The reference for elevator belts


The straight warp textile belt providing cut and rip resistance for demanding applications


The conveyor belt for cargo and piece goods transportation


The conveyor belt for cargo and piece goods transportation


The light belt with high impact resistance


The textile belt with sliding surface for the recycling and waste industries


The cross-stabilised belt for conveyors with steep inclination and specific geometries


Goods and people are always on the move at port terminals. Whether you need to transport material from a ship to the storage facility or the other way around, we understand how crucial it is to enable fast and safe conveying.

To help reduce hinterland congestion at ports and increase mobility, Sempertrans offers high quality conveyor belts that are suited to transport bulk cargo in the most efficient manner across large distances.

Our products are suited for the conveying of all kinds of materials, thanks to properties such as impact and abrasion resistance or anti-corrosion – particularly beneficial to endure corrosion caused by sea salt.


Cement is one of the most used materials in construction and therefore one of the most abundantly produced materials in the world. The cement industry is mainly influenced by the global demand for housing, construction and urbanisation. 

To help meet those growing demands and suit the heavy-duty needs of the cement industry, Semperit offers both steel cord and textile conveyor belts with high strength and resistance qualities. Our products guarantee safe and efficient conveying during the entire cement production process – from the extraction quarry to the crushing installation to the cement plant.

As a supplier of high-quality and performance conveyor belts for cement works for more than 50 years, Semperit has built a high number of partnerships with multinational and local players in the cement industry.


Semperit provides conveyor belt solutions for the aggregate industry and the transport of material such as sand, gravel, crushed rock and limestone.

Our products are also suited for grain, sugar and salt industries.

Semperit offers solutions that are specifically designed to withstand abrasion and cuts & gouges for superior wear and tear. These benefits make our conveyor belts more durable and long-lasting for higher performance of your conveying installation.

We are happy to advise you on our solutions

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