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Mining & Port Operations

Semperit has been active in the mining industry for more than 50 years. During that period, we have been able to acquire great experience concerning coal, copper and iron ore mining, as well as other fields of mineral resource extraction. Our expertise and reliability have long convinced major players in the mining industry all over the world to work with us.




The multi-purpose textile belt for general to highly demanding applications



The straight warp textile belt providing cut and rip resistance for demanding applications


The Sempertrans steel cord belt with the highest strength and longest service life



Outstanding impact and cutting resistance: a unique and unrivalled steel carcass construction



The special metal belt with a unique steel carcass construction for enhanced impact and tear resistance

Autostable T

The unique self-centering troubleshooter to prevent mistracking


The engineered solution to protect the transported material and the environment


The unbeaten reference in terms of impact protection


The reference for elevator belts


The light belt with high impact resistance


The cross-stabilised belt for conveyors with steep inclination and specific geometries

Open-pit and surface mines

For open-pit mines, Sempertrans supplies conveyor belt solutions that are adapted to the conveyor installation structure and the material to be conveyed, taking into account factors such as capacity, length, material and lump size. Our Sempertrans belts have especially high strength and wear resistance qualities to transport the extracted material in a reliable and cost-efficient manner.

Underground mines

As underground mining is often characterised by limited space and potentially combustible material due to the flammable atmosphere, Sempertrans provides conveyor belt solutions with special flame retardant materials and increased belt lifetime. These properties are critical to prevent frequent belt changes in harsh conditions.


Tunnels have the particularity of granting limited access and sometimes creating a flammable atmosphere. They are often several kilometres long, shaped in straight lines with a few curves. To cater for tunnelling projects, Sempertrans provides belts with the corresponding flame resistance, the capability to follow the curves of the tunnel and an economic use of energy.

Innovative Sempertrans solutions

Sempertrans successfully implemented the energy-saving belt TransEvo Ultra for surface mining and TransEvo-V for underground coal mining. These belts enable power savings of up to 25%, which is highly recommended in case of long-distance conveyance to reduce energy consumption.

Helping you produce more efficiently

To relieve our mining customers from the pressure of increasing their mine productivity, Sempertrans provides high-quality conveyor belts that are impact and abrasion resistant, perfectly suited to improve efficiency and safety performance.

Our conveyor belts are designed specifically to suit the environment the mines operate in – be it an underground mine or an outdoor installation, even in the most remote locations.

We are happy to advise you on our solutions

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