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The Autostable belt in Canada

Sempertrans Autostable conveyor belt

Autostable is Sempertrans self-centering conveyor belt, which virtually eliminates lateral movements with a centering force five to eight times higher than that of conventional conveyor belt. “This prevents material loss and all misalignment-related damage to the belt or conveyor system. This can extend the service life of the belt and also reduces the maintenance costs of the conveyor system – even under difficult conditions.


Eliminates lateral movements and belt mistracking


Excellent tracking, less spillage and extended belt life service

Sempertrans marked a significant achievement by installing its Autostable conveyor belt at SFPPN in Quebec, Canada. This 1.5-kilometer reversible conveyor, which transports iron ore, is the largest Autostable belt Sempertrans has ever installed worldwide.

The innovative design of the Sempertrans Autostable conveyor belt effectively solves the persistent problem of belt mistracking. This ensures that the belt stays perfectly aligned, preventing material loss and avoiding damage to both the belt and the conveyor system caused by misalignment. As a result, the operation runs smoothly and efficiently, with reduced downtime and lower maintenance costs. This installation highlights Sempertrans' commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that enhance productivity and reliability for their clients.

Autostable conveyor belt prevents material loss and all misalignment-related damage to the belt. This can extend the service life of the belt and also reduces the maintenance costs of the conveyor system.

The Autostable Canada Project in Numbers

Client SFPPN
Location Sept-Iles, Canada
Transported Material Iron Ore
Conveyor belt length 1.5km long conveyor
Conveyor belt width 72“
Transport capacity 10.000 tph
Speed of belt 3.8 m/s

4 motors each 600 kW


The Concept of the autostable

One of the main challenges with conveyor belts is off-centering, which leads to mistracking. This can cause clogging, reduced output, and damage to the belt edges, ultimately shortening the belt's lifespan.

Sempertrans tackled this issue by developing the Autostable belt, which centers itself without additional equipment. By reducing the risks of off-centering, the Autostable belt prevents edge deterioration, ensuring longer lifespan and more reliable performance.

  • Unique self-centring mechanism
  • Provides stability along the whole belt length
  • Possibility to increase the loading capacity
  • Can be adapted to most conveyors, including curved installations
  • Centring force 5 to 7 times higher compared to standard conveyor belts
  • Available with a steel cord or textile carcass

Autostable belt

1.5 KM longest autostable conveyor belt in the world

Autostable Belt: Eliminates Mistracking

1.5 KM long conveyor belt

Sempertrans Autostable conveyor belt was the sole solution against the serious mistracking problem the customer was facing. It helped achieve better stability and safety of their conveyor operations, resulting in belt lifetime 3 times longer. Additionally, by increasing the troughing angle, fewer edge damages occurred, particularly in installations with idler adjustment issues. This improvement allowed for the possibility of increasing installation output by replacing the standard belt with a wider Autostable belt. The excellent tracking capabilities of the Autostable belt enabled the use of tighter tolerances, allowing wider belts to be used on the same conveyor system. Furthermore, the form-locking design of the Autostable belt allowed it to navigate tight horizontal curves while maintaining its position, ensuring excellent tracking even for reversible conveyors.


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