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Heat resistant cover - Transtherm

The cover for high temperatures ensuring the longest belt life.

Transtherm covers are the right choice whenever hot materials need to be conveyed. Select the best technical option among our range of Transtherm covers to achieve the maximum belt lifetime

Product Details

Technical Details

The standard types of Transtherm covers are:

  • CW: The cover grade especially designed for the transportation of coke, providing medium heat resistance combined with flame retardant properties according to DIN EN ISO 340.
  • TEA: The cover grade with excellent mechanical properties, providing heat resistance for medium temperatures. In specific markets TEA is also known as HR.
  • TEB: The cover grade for high heat resistance and special applications such as transporting chemicals. In specific markets the cover grade SHR is available for this temperature range, if no specific resistance to chemicals is required.
  • TEC: The cover grade for extremely high temperatures up to 400 °C short term peaks.


There is a major difference between the temperature of the product conveyed and the temperature transmitted to the cover by the materials conveyed. This difference between the surface temperature of the belt and the temperature of the product conveyed may vary according to various parameters:

  • Particle size of material
  • Belt speed
  • Length of conveyor (cooling on return strand)
  • Ambient temperature
  • Ventilation or possible watering


  • Cement industry
  • Grain and sugar industries
  • Paper and wood industries
  • Port operations
  • Power and heating plants
  • Recycling industry
  • Steel industry
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