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Sempercord with breakers

The Sempertrans steel cord belt with the highest strength and longest service life

Key Features

Sempercord belts can be equipped with breakers to provide efficient protection. These breakers guarantee extra impact and rip protection for the belt and potentially allow smaller pulley diameters, serving as the basis for a longer service life and a lower risk of severe damage.

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  • Textile or steel breakers
  • Breakers can be included in either the top or both the top and bottom cover

Product Details


  • Choice of several breaker types, either steel or textile, perfectly tailored to the specific application
  • High elasticity in transversal direction provides high impact resistance while maintaining an excellent troughability
  • Increased carcass protection against longitudinal cuts and punctures
  • Improved absorption and distribution of the impact energy over the full belt width
  • Higher protection against penetration by foreign objects
  • Enhanced load distribution on the drive pulley and therefore more room for optimisation of pulley diameters

Technical Details

Three types of breakers are available:

  • F – Fabric breaker as woven textile breaker provides higher impact, cut and especially puncture resistance
  • T – Textile breaker as high strength single-cord-breaker provides excellent carcass protection and transversal elasticity
  • S – Breaker made of single steel cords in a transversal direction offers higher strength with high or super high elongation for high elasticity and enhanced protection against rips


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