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Outstanding impact and cutting resistance: a unique and unrivalled steel carcass construction

Key Features

The Metalcord belt features a special structure, boasting a carcass with three layers (1 warp, 2 wefts), resistant to the toughest tear and cut issues (100% metal carcass).

  • Carcass construction of three layers of rubber embedded cords
  • Two different constructions are available:
  • Metalcord belts with M-cords in the warp direction offer the highest elasticity for applications with tight curves or small pulley diameters
  • Metalcord belts with E-cords in the warp direction provide low elongation for applications with long centre distances
  • Compliant with ISO 15236

Product Details


  • Excellent cord/rubber adhesion even under tough working conditions
  • Exceptional resistance to repeated impact
  • Outstanding resistance to penetration limiting longitudinal cuts and tears
  • Weft cords included in the carcass increase service life since the full cover thickness can be used
  • The option to use mechanical fasteners for emergency situations and fast repairs

Technical Details

The Metalcord construction with the highly elastic M warp cords (4x7 design) offers a low elastic modulus and strong impact resistance. It combines the advantages of steel carcasses with the superior impact resistance of textile belts and is particularly suitable for:

  • Installations with repeated impacts and a high risk of cuts and tears
  • Small pulley diameters
  • Very small radii for horizontal and vertical curves
  • The option to use crowned pulleys for centring on short conveyors
  • Replacing textile belts by steel carcass constructions without any significant change in the conveyor system

The Metalcord construction with the low elongation E warp cord (7x7 design) offers high nominal belt strength and is particularly suitable for:

  • Large centre distances with repeated impacts and a high risk of cuts and tears
  • Installations where low belt elongation is requested

The Metalcord’s super high elastic weft cords have been especially designed for Sempertrans. They are ten times more elastic than warp cords. This ensures an exceptional troughing capability regardless of the belt width.

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