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Innovation and R&D

Continuous innovation through R&D

Our conveyor belts are specifically engineered to meet the most demanding and stringent global customer specifications and, as a result, have earned a strong reputation across the globe for their established high performance level. We developed very unique products like the self-centering Autostable or the energy-saving TransEvo.

Our commitment to innovation is driven by a significant focus on research and development. In our decentralised product development centres and laboratories, our research experts are devoted to developing the optimum solutions to fulfil customers’ current requirements and anticipate their future needs. Their efforts are directed towards the continuous improvement and development of materials, manufacturing processes and product quality for the benefit of our customers and the environment.

To reach the highest quality standards, our R&D and production units are furnished with state-of-the-art equipment. Most importantly, we make it a focal point to engage in all processes of manufacturing a conveyor belt, from creating our own belt design to mixing our own compounds in-house and producing our own steel cords in our production site in Poland. This way we ensure continuous know-how transfer and exchange of experience among the individual business areas, thereby achieving greater efficiency.

Innovation with tradition

The ongoing development of products and the continuing optimisation of production are of central importance for Semperit. All of our research & development centres, as well as our numerous R&D partners around the world, act as think-tanks for processes in all product areas, encouraging the constant exchange of experiences and ideas, which are fed back directly to our production areas as well as the market. Through the innovations of today, Semperit is creating the foundation for tomorrow’s success.


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